MASSIV Massively Multiplayer Online Game Middleware

The Demo


The Massiv Core library is distributed together with a simple exemplary application called "the Demo". The application demonstrates the use of the Core features in the practice and provides examples of basic problems, that have to be dealt with while writing an online distributed game, principles and their solutions in the Massiv environment. Now it seems to be unnecessarily complex, but despite that we belive that it can be useful in the process of getting faimiliar with programming using the Massiv. The Demo is not a basis for a real online game.

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The Demo implements a simple virtual world consisting of a map, entities and players. The map is split into rectangular sectors, each one being potentially owned by a different node. Sectors are represented by managed objects and can be modified in the real time (terrain), the changes are presented to clients by utilizing object replication.

For more information please consult the presentation, the Massiv documentation and the Demo sources.