MASSIV Massively Multiplayer Online Game Middleware

Project Status

Project background

The Massiv was being developed as a school project at MFF UK, Charles University, Prague and lead by Ing. Petr Tuma, Dr. since November 2001 to April 2004. When the project was approved in April 2004 the original team has split up and most members have had a little interest in the further development of the Massiv.

Sep 5 2008

Code base was updated to support new compilers and new versions of CryptoPP. The updated version was released as the version 1.1c.

Dec 6 2004

Massiv has moved from SourceForge to ObjectWeb.

Oct 11 2004

The Massiv license for sources and documentation changed from GPL to LGPL. The new sources were released as the version 1.1b.

Sep 8 2004

David Li contacted the original team and initiated the talk on the license change from GPL to LGPL.

Jun 30 2004

The Massiv has been officially released as version 1.1. The list of features can be found here.

Help wanted

Since the original team is not interested in improving the Massiv anymore, we are looking for new maintainers and/or developers. The potential tasks could range from the implementation of an actual MMORPG game built on top of the Massiv to various improvements of the Core library. If you are interested in participating in the project development, do not hesitate and send us a message to the massiv-dev mailing list.